Thirty-four years later, after tragic events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament results in the deaths of three of the participants, a young struggling martial artist named Johnny Lawrence returns to fight out what has become a symbol of the American Martial Arts tradition. Thirty-one-year-old Johnny quickly discovers that the once-great dojo is run by corrupt businessmen, who are happy to pay off the authorities in order to keep their turf safe. With the help of his friend B.K. – a much older karate practitioner – Johnny launches a new training venture, but things aren’t always as they seem. While he and B.K. learn more about each other and forge an uneasy alliance against a threat from within their own ranks, the two men find themselves the target of a vicious plot that leaves both fighters gravely injured.

A solo artist by the name of Daniel Larusso has finally achieved the well-deserved promotion he so desperately wants to follow the conclusion of his first two fights with Diego Coronado. After winning a brutal encounter with Donny Yen, Daniel arrives at the Dojo only to find that his master has disappeared. With no way of knowing how long he’s been gone, Daniel assumes that Master Xolo Maridue has ordered him to keep on practicing, in preparation for a battle against an opponent who will finally challenge him. The only problem is that nobody else has come to study with him…

One of the most thrilling aspects of Cobra Kai is the exciting, suspenseful, and even humorous sequences set in the dojo. The entire concept is built on the basis that a student should never know what he is in for during a rigorous training session. “Think on your toes,” instructs Dan, and he means it. He tells his student that the technique used in each combat should never be guessed. If the opponent is unprepared, it won’t work.

The first two episodes of Cobra Kai feature a young female student named Rihoko Kiseki (Chika Umino) preparing for her first fight. The training montage includes her preparing various kicks, punches, and kicks that she knows will be required for her upcoming fight. Meanwhile, Master X has other plans. He sends her on a wild goose chase, teaching her ancient martial arts moves that she thinks she can use to beat her opponent.

Fortunately for her, the first two episodes feature an impressive array of martial art styles from which she can choose. As it turns out, these techniques include some that she hasn’t seen before such as flying elbows, spinning drives, and spinning slaps. These are used to create an exhilarating feeling for Rihoko as she performs her signature attacks. This exhilaration is necessary because it drives home the importance of a woman’s beauty as she prepares for a fight and it helps her bond with her fellow classmates.

The fight sequences in Cobra Kai are entertaining to watch. The fight choreography is particularly effective. The action, choreographed to the highest standards, has an artistic quality to it. The fights are thrilling from start to finish, and Umino’s voice, along with that of the rest of the cast, really help to enhance this high level of quality. It is important to realize that it takes great care to create a movie and a game that is enjoyable to both the hardcore fighting video game fan and the women and girls at the same time.


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