If you’ve decided to get a puppy then you are about to make a life changing decision. To help you think about what kind of dog to get you should probably first ask yourself some key questions which will help you narrow down your choices. You need to consider your lifestyle, your home, your time and your financial resources. Taking all these Key Questions into consideration will go a long way toward ensuring that you choose the best dog for you.

You will want to find a dog that will be good with your existing pets and your kids. You need to be aware that there are different kinds of dogs and each kind has a different temperament.

The best dogs have gentle temperaments, are well socialized and they obedience trained. Some breeds are too friendly while others can be too territorial. You will want to choose a breed that will fit with your family’s lifestyle, with the kinds of activities that you enjoy.

Your best source for information about dog breeds is books and magazines. Another good place to start your search is through dog rescue organizations. This is a great way to get an idea of the different breeds available for adoption. You can also visit a local shelter to take a look at the dogs available for adoption as well.

You will want to avoid certain behaviors of dogs, such as jumping up, chewing, digging and barking. These are behaviors that can be encouraged but you should also discourage them. If you train your dog to do something, for example to get off the sofa, reward him by saying “off” or “off the furniture” in a firm voice. If you reprimand your dog for a misbehavior, don’t yell and don’t be abusive. Dogs respond to firm voices.

Sometimes harsh treatment of dogs may be necessary, but this should never include abuse or violence. One option that some people use is to pyramid their dogs. This means that they schedule a number of short visits to the kennel on a daily basis. These increases the amount of interaction that the dogs have with each other and decreases the amount of time that they spend on the couch.

When you purchase your pet from a breeder ask about genetic testing of the parents. This way you can find out what risks your dog may have for a given gene. Mutts may have a greater risk of some diseases than pure breeds, but they also tend to have fewer health problems overall.

Before you bring your puppy home take the time to play with him and make sure he gets a lot of play time. Chances are you may have chosen your new best friend because you like what he says sounds like, or you found him on the couch lying on it. That is just one way of making a best friend deal with your new puppy. Whatever the reason, you can insure a long and loving relationship with your new puppy.


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