Most dogs however will always be a dog. This can be a good and a bad thing. On the good side having a dog as a pet means that you will get lots of love and devotion when you return home from work. On the other hand you will also experience lots of hard work. Either taking your dog out for an hour walk or spending time with him as you both watch TV or read a book.

Without a doubt owning a dog will cost you a lot of money. However the costs are not nearly so as what we pay for medical care, of which there is lots. But the other costs include food, kennels, toys and treats, veterinary care, installation costs such as fences, severs and so on. It is easy to find dog related products online from where you can choose to shop according to your budget.

A dog is a big responsibility. However big responsibility does not mean that you must never take him out. Remember you look after a baby, why wouldn’t you have a dog that you leave in kennels for five to ten days? Further a dog is as a baby, it will require great amounts of care and attention. A dog after they leave your care will generally find themselves being re-homed. Having a dog is a big responsibility and not to be taken lightly.

What type of dog you want to buy and how much do you want to spend on getting one.

It is not all about the price as some people like to show their dogs off to friends and often put a great deal of effort into them. By doing this you are bearing the cost of grooming and all the other necessary things that go into having a pet. Further be prepared to have to spend large sums of money on vet bills and perhaps this is something that you want to avoid.

If you are not prepared to spend large sums of money on your dog then perhaps a dog is not for you. In these cases it may be better to go into another type of pet such as a bird or hamster. But in any case it is likely that you will have to spend quite a few hours each week on dog walk.

How much you walk your dog makes a difference to his health and can influence his behavior.

What type of dog do you want to buy? Big dog, small dog, male dog, female dog.

How much do you walk your dog?

Do you want a dog which can be taken for long walks, like a mountain dog, or one who is more low energy like a terrier.

Do you want a dog who will be inside your house most of the time? Or do you want a dog who can spend some time outside for activities and exercise?

Do you want to take your dog to obedience class, can you take your dog to puppy kindergarten etc?

Do you want to show your dog, have your dog show tricks, is he qualified to be shown?


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