Anatomical terminology to the student can seem to be particularly confusing and complicated and a dilemma to use. It will come to be simple when you are knowledgeable about it and the way the terms came from and just how it was developed. Anatomical terminology is employed by a lot of disciplines and every one of them might have a somewhat slight variation in the terms that they work with. This terminology is used by the anatomists who study anatomy, zoologists who study animals and also by the many various kinds of health care professionals. The goal of using precise anatomical terminology is to remove vagueness, errors and also to do away with the chance of misinterpretation in communications. Anatomical language relies on a wide range of fairly unique phrases, suffixes, and prefixes deriving from the traditional Greek as well as Latin languages where the using the terminology began over 2500 yrs ago. Latin was a standard language at the time the study of anatomy was beginning and many of the terminology used back then continue to persist today. However, it had been starting to turn into a dilemma as a variety of tissues in the body possessed a number […] read more