The Overland is the iconic train that journeys between Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia and it has been serving the path for more than 130 years, from 1887. The train experience is through country side which is a big part of Australia’s heart and also heritage. The name of this train is the ‘Overland’, even so it may get mistakenly called the ‘Overlander’ very often. The Overland train was Australia’s first interstate passenger train running in between state capitals. The train first started in 1887 as soon as the railway line between Melbourne and Adelaide was constructed. This train had been to start with run as a joint venture with the Victorian Railways Corporation and the South Australian Railways Organization and at that period it was named the ‘The Inter-colonial Express’ and later referred to as the ‘The Adelaide Express’. The train runs between Melbourne’s Spencer Street station (now called Southern Cross Station) and the Adelaide train station in North Terrace, Adelaide. The Overland used to operated during the night and integrated sleeping carriages and seated carriages and for some time a catering carriage. The train was renamed as “The Overland” back in 1926. In the later part of the […] read more