A web hosting company is a kind of Internet hosting service which enables people and organizations to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web. This kind of service enables users to access the Internet regardless of the location that they may be in. This also provides for easy accessibility of the website by people who may not have limited Internet connection. In addition to that, this kind of service also enables people and organizations to establish an online business with the help of their websites. The bandwidth provided should be sufficient to accommodate all the site’s requirements at one time. There are various types of services offered by web hosting companies. Among these include free web hosting account, shared web hosting account, reseller hosting account, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated server accounts. Among these, shared web hosting account is the most popular. This kind of service enables an individual or an organization to establish a website and make it accessible over the Internet. This service does not require the individual to purchase any kind of hardware or software. All the equipment is managed by the website hosting companies themselves. It also allows the user to add […] read more