Reflexology is certainly fabricated pseudoscience that has not any physical health benefits. Even though it’s still very popular and commonly used and endorsed as possessing health rewards. All of the scientific data says that it does not. There’s no registration or accreditation of reflexology practitioners, so right now there are no restrictions for the assertions that they could make. The concept underpinning reflexology is that the many various body organ systems in the body can be mapped to a area or zone to the foot. As an example, the pituitary gland is mapped on the location under the big toe or hallux and also the lungs are mapped to the place beneath the ball of the foot. Every last body organ has its zone about the foot. The theory claims when there is a dysfunction in almost any of these body organ systems then the reflexologist may find that ailment by palpating the spot on the feet. The concept additionally boasts that by rubbing or stimulating these zones on the foot you’ll be able to help take care of the condition in this specific organ system. It is not identified how it was that specific organ systems ended up ever […] read more