Reflexology is certainly fabricated pseudoscience that has not any physical health benefits. Even though it’s still very popular and commonly used and endorsed as possessing health rewards. All of the scientific data says that it does not. There’s no registration or accreditation of reflexology practitioners, so right now there are no restrictions for the assertions that they could make. The concept underpinning reflexology is that the many various body organ systems in the body can be mapped to a area or zone to the foot. As an example, the pituitary gland is mapped on the location under the big toe or hallux and also the lungs are mapped to the place beneath the ball of the foot. Every last body organ has its zone about the foot. The theory claims when there is a dysfunction in almost any of these body organ systems then the reflexologist may find that ailment by palpating the spot on the feet. The concept additionally boasts that by rubbing or stimulating these zones on the foot you’ll be able to help take care of the condition in this specific organ system. It is not identified how it was that specific organ systems ended up ever mapped to those spots about the feet in the first place, except that somebody must have just invented it. There is absolutely no known method in which these body organ systems could be from a physical standpoint or structurally belonging to the zones of your feet. There is certainly no pathway or any situation that will be remotely near to as being a path that connects all of them with each other.

Each and every meta-analysis and also systematic article on the science that just contains the well done scientific studies on reflexology have established that it doesn’t have a health benefits. Its does not make any difference. Activation with the region on the feet linked to a particular organ system will not cause any kind of changes or enhancement in this body organ system. Generally speaking, scientific studies performed on reflexology usually are inadequately done with insufficient control groups as well as the not enough blinding of the patients, and so forth. On the other hand, there are a variety of research projects that do reportedly demonstrate that “reflexology” may help and lead to physiological differences which individuals who market reflexology like to indicate and use as evidence that reflexology helps. However, when you check into these scientific studies the authors seem to frequently name a plain foot massage, reflexology, that it is not. Reflexology is the activation of certain points with massage to assist certain body organ systems. A complete foot massage is something different. Almost everyone enjoys a good foot massage and also the majority of us that gets a massage will be more tranquil and much less stressed out after having a very good foot massage. This may lead too physiological gains. One example is, a few research has shown that “reflexology” will be able to lower blood pressure levels, but that’s nothing more than a foot massage making the person becoming more calm. Other research has shown good responses to a foot massage for things like the nausea for people undergoing chemo for cancer, however this is because of the comforting effects of the foot massage and is not as a result of massage about the feet of the organ system that the cancer is within.


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