The Mueller Weiss syndrome is a rare cause of pain within the midfoot in adults that has been less commonly called Brailsford disease. Mueller Weiss Syndrome is a spontaneous onset osteonecrosis of the navicular within the foot. You will find there’s a much more well-known problem of the navicular in children referred to as Köhler disease, which is also an osteonecrosis in the tarsal navicular bone, but they are totally different disorders because of the character with the developing bone tissues in children. The disorder was first reported by Schmidt back in 1925. It had been W Muller who afterwards proposed how the underlying mechanism with the disorder has been resulting from an excessive compression force on the mid-foot region. About the same period, K Weiss, documented which the appearances on radiographs were similar to those seen in a disease called Kienbock disease, and this is an osteonecrosis. Those two accounts resulted in the most commonly used name for this problem, Mueller Weiss syndrome. Mueller Weiss disease commonly affects adults between forty and sixty years of age (Köhler disease has a common starting point around five years of age). Mueller Weiss Syndrome is more common in females. It can affect […] read more