The 1936 Olympics took place in Berlin, Germany and had been officially referred to as the Games of the 11th Olympiad from 1 to 16 August in 1936. Germany competed against Barcelona to be awarded the Olympics in 1931. These games ended up notable for the Nazi propaganda that resulted in substantial discord as well as the exclusionary rules of Nazi party before the Olympic Games, but nations all over the world nevertheless consented to get involved. The Führer Adolf Hitler was resolute to outdo the 1932 Los Angeles Games so he developed a brand new 100,000-seat track and field arena in addition to 6 gymnasiums as well as other arenas. These Olympics were the first Games to be televised and along with radio programming, they reached forty one nations. The nations around the world that did participate afforded some legitimacy for the Nazi regime. The Olympics were fiscally successful with overall ticket revenues being 7.5 million Reichsmark which resulted in an operating profit of more than 1 million Reichsmark. That did not add the outlays from the city of Berlin or expenditure of the German national government so the correct worth of hosting the Olympics isn’t obvious because they […] read more