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June 21, 2021

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What should the running cadence be?

Within the running community there is frequently a great deal of discussion as well as fixation on the running form or method with a lot of beliefs, numerous assertions from guru’s with plenty of dogma but not much science to  →
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The Magic of the New York Marathon

The New York City Marathon is an annual marathon that courses through the 5 boroughs of New York City (NYC). This race is recognized as on the list of USA’s highly regarded sporting events. It is the largest sized race  →
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Volunteering at the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics are one of the world’s biggest sporting establishments which is for children and adults which have intellectual impairments and also physical disabilities. They offer sports instruction along with sports activities to around 5 million participants in about  →
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There was a running boom during the COVID-19 lockdowns

There isn’t any doubt the COVID-19 crisis has brought harmful consequences not only financially but also with mental health concerns. It has forced people to be far more resourceful and take the appropriate steps to take care of those about  →
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Have you done a parkrun?

The parkrun (written with a lower case “p”) is a series of in excess of 2000 5-kilometre (or 3.1 mile) runs for walkers and runners that occur just about every Saturday morning in 22 nations all over the world. Additionally  →
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Can You Use The Vibram Five Fingers as Running Shoes?

The Vibram Five Fingers footwear are a kind of shoes or boots which was released back in 2004 and was meant to fit the feet just like a glove with a pocket for every toe, like the gloves. They were  →
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What exercises can be done for an abductory twist?

Are there any kind of physical exercises that can be done to fix the abductory twist? The solution to this question would be determined by what exactly you believe an abductory twist might be. At this time there certainly is  →
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The Tainting of the Tour de France

The Tour de France is definitely the greatest cycling event in the world, covering more than 2200 miles of French countryside. All bicyclists worldwide consider going to France to take part in the Tour as the greatest phase in their  →
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Preventing Cold Injury When Running

Generally there will be potential risks with running in the cold, though it could be an invigorating outing. Cold weather injury frequently occurs in some of the extreme sporting activities, although not always in running, however it comes with its  →
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Who was the greatest running coach of all time?

Arthur Lydiard was really a very influential middle and long distance running coach coming from New Zealand and his legacy has had substantial impact on the training of runners today. He has become acknowledged in making jogging or running popular  →
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