In January 2022, the tennis player from Spain, Rafael Nadal became the 1st player to gain 21 grand slam tennis competitions by winning the Australian Open. He had been 2 sets down to Daniil Medvedev from Russia in the final and came back to victory 5 sets to 2. The thing that was so remarkable about the win might be that he previously had a serious foot injury becoming a 4 month lay off from tennis in 2021 and also the 2 weeks ahead of his arrival down in Australia for the Open he was not well with COVID-19 for a couple of weeks. The foot injury that Nadal has was a condition known as Müeller-Weiss Syndrome or disease. It is a pretty uncommon spontaneous necrosis or loss of supply of blood for the navicular bone in the arch of the foot. It was first described back in 1927 and is also from time to time known as Brailsford Disease. The reason for this condition isn’t known as it is not obvious just what does hinder the blood supply to several areas of the bone. This navicular bone is an essential part in the top of the arch of the […] read more