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July 25, 2021

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Posts tagged "foot"

The Archie Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Flip flops (or ‘thongs’ in Australia and jandals in New Zealand) are a popular and convenient form of footwear, especially in the warmer climates. They can be somewhat of a problem if you have a foot condition that needs some  →
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How does Freiberg’s disease affect the foot?

There are numerous causes to get problems inside the ball of the feet. A more uncommon reason could be a problem called Freiberg’s disease or infarction. It is a disorder where the end of a metatarsal bone that’s at the  →
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Complications of the Foot in Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a frequent condition in society today. The expenses for the person and to society can be high. Although this is high there is so much that can be accomplished to stop it and ameliorate the outcomes  →
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What is Cuboid Syndrome?

Cuboid syndrome may be a cause of pain on the lateral side in the foot, that is if it really exists. You will find some dispute as to what cuboid syndrome exactly is with some doubting if it exists as  →
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The difference between forefoot varus and forefoot supinatus

The foot is a sophisticated biomechanical construction that has to perform a great deal of movement. Since it is such a sophisticated construction, there are lots which can go wrong with it. There are several dysfunctional deviations possible in the  →
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How do Podiatrists Treat Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toe nails are a common problem that may be rather painful plus they don’t get better without treatment. Ingrown toenails are usually amongst the most prevalent issues dealt with by podiatrists. The primary cause of an ingrown nail is  →
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What was Chinese Foot Binding?

The Lotus footwear is one of the oldest styles of footwear recorded that were specifically designed for females use. Now, the manufacturing of this footwear nowadays is virtually not happening and the few lotus footwear still existing have become maintained  →
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What is a Functional Hallux Limitus?

The great toe joint in the foot is a crucial joint for normal function and running or walking. As we are running or walking and the feet are flat on the floor, that big toe joint would need to bend  →
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How to make use of podiatry felt for foot problems

Podiatry (or which used to be named ‘chiropody’) felt is a regularly used padding material to treat a variety of difficulties in the feet. The podiatry felt is a natural material which is semi-compressed into the padding having a adhesive  →
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The Richie Brace for an Adult Acquired Flat Foot

The progressive deteriorating of a flat foot or fallen arch in an adult is commonly known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or adult acquired flatfoot and could have serious implications if not noticed early on and taken care of. This  →
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