The words podiatry and chiropody are basically exchangeable and mean the same. Podiatry is that occupation that are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the feet as well as associated conditions. The scope and what podiatrists can do in their work are not the same in various nations. In times past the discipline was named chiropody and chiropodists treated both feet and hands because chiro- indicates hands and pod- means foot. Following a period of time they only managed the foot and had been registered generally in most nations by regulating government bodies to treat the foot only. Eventually the name was changed to podiatry because the discipline matured and developed. The United States had been the first to change the name more than fifty or so years back. Nations like New Zealand and Australia switched the term 20 or so years ago. The United Kingdom changed recently. Other nations have been in different levels of development of the line of work and what that discipline is mostly called in those countries. The terms chiropodist and chiropody are nearly by no means heard in the United States of America, Australia or New Zealand, however the words are still in common usage in the United Kingdom.

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As the podiatry profession evolved in some countries and the name started to transform, there was ego pushed claims in which podiatry has been a lot better than chiropody when in actuality at the government regulating level there wasn’t any difference. Podiatry as a profession ongoing to improve and develop and embrace more advanced diagnostic and treatment methods. Irrespective of statements to the other podiatry is just not something a lot better than chiropody, it is only part of the normal development and change in the range of practice that any discipline undergoes.

That extent of practice of podiatry is very different in different nations around the world. In the United States, the podiatry degree is a postgrad degree and then a three yr residency, so podiatrists in the United States have got total medical as well as surgical breadth of practice to deal with pretty much all problems of the foot. In the United Kingdom and in Australia, the podiatry qualification is an undergrad qualification to become registered and practice as podiatrists there could then enrol in post-graduate surgical programs to grow their scope of their work into surgery. In a few countries in Europe, the podiatry training is only a two year degree or diploma and their breadth of practice has limitations simply to the management of superficial skin and toenail problems. Easy access to prescribed drugs furthermore varies from country to country and often echos the character and range of what the discipline are able to do within that country. Generally in most nations around the world podiatrists use the similar approaches to deal with the majority of foot disorders like the usage of superficial skin and nail techniques, foot supports for musculoskeletal problems and also physical exercise therapies if indicated. Exactly what different countries use their breadth of what they can do is merely different. Those with a very limited range of practice perform the things they’re doing really well however they are looked down on in certain ego driven commentary that they are some sort of lessor professional. This is regrettable. Each and every occupation in each and every nation grows and develops and changes over time and the profession of podiatry is not any different.


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