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April 21, 2021

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Natural Care for Asthma

If you experience sudden bouts of breathlessness, you are suffering from asthma. When some dust, smoke or the scent of any odd flower or perfume will get you whizzing, coughing and gasping, you are suffering from asthma. These are just  →
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What is the future demand for podiatry?

Podiatry practitioners take care of an array of foot disorders and various types of individuals. There are numerous factors which can be impacting the demand for podiatrists and the majority of them are increasing or are expected to increase into  →
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The Theory Behind Arch Support of the Foot

The very idea of the arches in the foot as well as the need for arch support has been discussed for a quite a while. There are plenty of bad information about “arches” and “arch support”. Do you know the  →
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Is The Chevron Osteotomy Useful?

A Chevron osteotomy is a commonly carried out surgery to take care of bunions on the feet. The bunion is the swelling and a misalignment with the big toe that causes the big toe to turn towards the lesser toes.  →
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What is nail-patella syndrome?

Nail-patella syndrome is a collection of symptoms. It is typically composed of: Low peripheral eyesight Blind spots Requires frequent change of spectacles Blurred vision Sore or red eyes or both Seeing rainbows or halos around light source Extreme headache, nausea  →
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What are the signs of a concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (abbreviated as TBI) which is prevalent in sport that could have significant implications in the long run for a player. Politically the issue of concussion is now quite a predicament for the  →
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How to deal with a migraine

If you suffer from migraine headaches you know how debilitating they can be. You have probably tried a number of migraine treatments with little or no relief as well, which makes you feel like banging your head against the wall.  →
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Are there any flips flops with arch support?

Flat foot is a common problem which is generally not always an issue. It can raise the risk for other conditions occurring and may turn out to be symptomatic on its own. Because of this, flatfoot is commonly treated to  →
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Dealing with yellow teeth

Yellow teeth or cavities in your teeth may not be such an appealing thing if you happen to smile to a person; you have met for the first time. It may be considered bad oral hygiene than anything else. With  →
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What is Mueller Weiss syndrome?

The Mueller Weiss syndrome is a rare cause of pain within the midfoot in adults that has been less commonly called Brailsford disease. Mueller Weiss Syndrome is a spontaneous onset osteonecrosis of the navicular within the foot. You will find  →
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