Urea is an organic and natural compound that is probably most recognized due to its role within a fertilizer used in agriculture. Urea has a significant part within our bodies metabolism and is a vital way in which the system gets rid of unnecessary nitrogen. It is created within the liver from an ammonia substance through the breakdown of aminos as being the major end product of proteins metabolism. It is comprised of two amine groups which are coupled together by a carbonyl chemical group. Back in 1928 Friedrich Wöhler demonstrated the first time that an organic compound might be made out of inorganic compounds as he was able to construct urea from its inorganic components in the research laboratory. The synthesised version of the urea is very popular as a topical ointment or applied medicine helpful to address a wide range of skin complaints. It is so important because of this that urea currently is placed by the World Health Organisation on their List of Essential Drugs which it suggests that all nations around the world can access. In skin which may be dry, it has been demonstrated that there’s a substantial loss of urea in your skin, therefore […] read more