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November 7, 2023

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What are urea creams used for?

Urea is an organic and natural compound that is probably most recognized due to its role within a fertilizer used in agriculture. Urea has a significant part within our bodies metabolism and is a vital way in which the system gets rid of unnecessary nitrogen. It is created within the liver from an ammonia substance through the breakdown of aminos as being the major end product of proteins metabolism. It is comprised of two amine groups which are coupled together by a carbonyl chemical group. Back in 1928 Friedrich Wöhler demonstrated the first time that an organic compound might be made out of inorganic compounds as he was able to construct urea from its inorganic components in the research laboratory. The synthesised version of the urea is very popular as a topical ointment or applied medicine helpful to address a wide range of skin complaints. It is so important because of this that urea currently is placed by the World Health Organisation on their List of Essential Drugs which it suggests that all nations around the world can access. In skin which may be dry, it has been demonstrated that there’s a substantial loss of urea in your skin, therefore […] read more
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A Trichloroacetic Acid Skin Peel for the Treating of Acne, Scars, And Wrinkles

Everyone has heard of skin peels and there are many – lactic, glycolic, salicylic, TCA (trichloroacetic acid), and phenol. Of these there are basically 3 levels: Minor, superficial peels – lactic, glycolic, salicylic.Medium depth peels – TCA, Jessner’sDeep peels – phenol. We will only deal with medium strength TCA peels here as they are the easiest to apply (Jessner’s can require multiple concurrent applications and taping to aide in skin penetration), safest, and, by far, the most effective against numerous skin ailments/conditions. They are also one of the most effective treatments for acne currently known to the medical community. The most common treated area is the face. TCA is applied usually in a cream. Doctors will mix Obagi, Apeel, or other previously prepared cream with TCA and then apply this mixture to the face or body area to be treated. The creams tend to have a skin dye of green or blue so the doctor can easily see what areas have and or have not been treated. It is usually applied with a cotton or foam applicator. This is then left on for 10-20 minutes. Some doctors prefer to use a straight (non-cream) solution of TCA. This works much faster […] read more
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Soap For Sensitive Skin May Be A Great Body Cleanser

When buying soaps for sensitive skin, it is important to know what your skin type really is. If you are prone to acne outbreaks, then you should buy an acne soap that contains benzoyl peroxide. However, if your skin is oily or have regular breakouts, then you should use a non-antimicrobial soap such as Dove soap. With regular cleansing, this soap can help reduce the number of blackheads and pimples. Many dermatologists recommend chamomile soap for sensitive skin because it moisturizes and cleanses dry skin without drying it out. Dove bar soap is considered to be the best all-natural bar soap for sensitive skin, using its special natural ingredients such as olive oil and almond oil. It has no added fragrances, colorants or preservatives. If you want to avoid harsh ingredients found in ordinary commercial soaps, then try making your own. Making your own natural bar soaps at home is simple. There are many recipes online to help you learn how to make them. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or ingredients. You can achieve the same benefits as a dermatologist. When you feel clean and moisturized, you are more likely to stay that way throughout the day. Having […] read more
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