Urea is an organic and natural compound that is probably most recognized due to its role within a fertilizer used in agriculture. Urea has a significant part within our bodies metabolism and is a vital way in which the system gets rid of unnecessary nitrogen. It is created within the liver from an ammonia substance through the breakdown of aminos as being the major end product of proteins metabolism. It is comprised of two amine groups which are coupled together by a carbonyl chemical group. Back in 1928 Friedrich Wöhler demonstrated the first time that an organic compound might be made out of inorganic compounds as he was able to construct urea from its inorganic components in the research laboratory. The synthesised version of the urea is very popular as a topical ointment or applied medicine helpful to address a wide range of skin complaints. It is so important because of this that urea currently is placed by the World Health Organisation on their List of Essential Drugs which it suggests that all nations around the world can access. In skin which may be dry, it has been demonstrated that there’s a substantial loss of urea in your skin, therefore hence the really need to use the urea lotions. These types of skin problems consist of simple skin conditions like dermititis or the more severe skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema as well as ichthyosis. These kinds of urea creams are often times employed by podiatrists after the debridement of damaged skin surrounding the heels.

These urea lotions have differing affects on various skin conditions dependant upon their concentration in the medication. With concentrations of approximately 40% the urea will dissolve the cellular matrix of the nail plate and so can be used to address toenail dystrophy problems by dissolving part of the toenail. This will be useful in problems such as tinea infections of the toenails. At concentrations under that, whilst still being higher than 20% the urea cream is usually a keratolytic which means it may cause a breakdown of proteins in the skin, and so the dried-out skin may flake off, particularly with the damaged dried-out skin around the heel of the feet. At amounts of below 20% the urea cream works as a humectant that means it will help your skin hold on to moisture minimizing water loss and keep the skin soft along with supple. Urea has an extra benefit for the reason that it also provides anti-pruritic actions which means it can help with the dryer skin problems that happen to be also itching. There are not really any negative effects using these urea products on the epidermis aside from an occasional local irritation that just about always clears up once you cease utilizing the product. Compared with a lot of other drugs, there aren’t any identified interactions between urea and other medications which might be made use of. Urea shouldn’t be used when there is a known hypersensitivity to urea or many of the additional ingredients which are being used when making the product. There are actually literally 100’s of various manufacturers of urea creams including the Walker’s Urea Foot Cream coming from Australia along with Keralac Cream from the United States. At all times steer clear of contact with your eyes with the urea product and also clean both hands after making use of it.


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