London currently is the seat for the Government of the United Kingdom and also the nations monetary centre. London is nestled on the banks of the River Thames in southeast England. The city of London was initially started by the Roman empire in 43 AD and they controlled there up until the fifth century AD, as soon as the Roman Empire declined. The Romans called the town Londinium and it had a populace then of around 50,000. The city became an important trading port. Londinium declined during the fifth century due to recurring Anglo-Saxon incursions. In the eighth century the city had become the capital of the Kingdom of Essex. There were many Viking attacks during the 9th century with plenty of suffering in that time. Danish settlers subsequently established themselves in the region bringing about an increase in trade and businesses in the town. Since the prosperity and strength of this growing city centre improved it enticed the attention from the Danish Great Heathen Army which took control of the city and taken by King Alfred the Great in 886. Right after the Norman invasion and conquering of England in 1067, the revolutionary King of England, William Duke of […] read more