In runners if there is pain on the lateral side of the ankle joint and there’s no history of trauma, then the more than likely problem is what is known as peroneal tendonitis. The peroneal muscle group are on the lateral side of the leg and there tendons pass around the lateral side of the ankle joint to then pass to the lateral side and the underside of the feet. The key function of these muscles are to stabilize and support the feet.

If a tendinopathy develops in the tendons of the peroneal muscles in athletes, then the reason is usually too much use. That is carrying out too much too quickly and the tendons aren’t provided an opportunity to adapt to the increasing loads that are placed on them through that too rapid increase in the miles and velocities being run. It is essential that following harder long runs that the body will be provided ample rest prior to the next stress are applied. If a stress is applied too quickly prior to the tissues to have had time to recover, then there is an elevated probability to have an exercise related injury.

The discomfort of peroneal tendonitis frequently just starts of as a modest ache, either just below or above the ankle bone on the outside of the ankle. To start with there isn’t any puffiness, however that will often come about later since the pain increases when the issue is not taken care of.

To deal with peroneal tendonitis, the runner needs to scale back the running to bearable amounts to enable the tendons to recover. Podiatry practitioners commonly make use of a lateral wedge for treatment of peroneal tendonitis for the short term since this lessens the activity with the peroneal muscles, so there will be reduced force on the peroneal tendons. The wedge is placed underneath the rearfoot in the running shoes. Right after the symptoms in the tendons starts to subside, then a steady and slow increase is essential in the miles run to allow the tendon to adjust to those stresses are required. A strengthening plan can be beneficial.


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