The toe foams are a variety of tubular foam products which are commonly made use of by podiatry practitioners for a variety of problems that can affect the big and lesser toes. The foams are constructed from a polyurethane foam fabricated in to a tube form having a cloth support on the inside. The foams generally can be found in a longer length to enable them to be cut into the scale that is required. In addition they typically can be found in a number of width sizes to enable them to be matched up with the size of the toe that it is needed for. In addition they come in just one thickness about the complete diameter of the foam as well as a double thickness type which offers a double thickness of foam on one aspect. All these toe foams do appear to be rather bulky, and issues are frequently raised regarding how it will accomodate the toe and then put the foot in to the shoe. Whilst the toe foams are bulky, they are soft and do contract down quite a bit, so can let the foot to fit into the shoe. Unfortunately, as a result of softer nature of these, they will degrade and do need to get replaced from time to time. You can find significantly less cumbersome alternatives to the toe foams such as the silicon tube pads, however the edge that the toe foams have is that they are able to breath and allow the air to circulate between the toes, that has good hygiene ramifications. Using the silicone kind of pads, they don’t really allow that air to pass.

They are frequently used, for example, following a corn in between the toes has been debrided by a foot doctor. A corn in between the toes is generally attributable to too much pressure between the toes, probably from using footwear that happen to be too small. This higher pressure causes the skin to get thicker and the corn develops. A foot doctor can be pretty good at getting rid of the corn, but if the pressure which induces this corn from the beginning (ie the restricted footwear) remain, then there’s a good chance that the corn is going to come back again. A good way to help that is to use one of the toe foams about one of the toes which will benefit the pressure between your toes. The dual thickness variations are typically employed here with all the dual thickness going between the toes. These types of toe foams will also be really efficient for blisters. Blisters are due to chaffing, so may occur to the toes with friction between the footwear and the toe. When the toe can be enclosed by a toe foam, then the foam could absorb that friction which is not moved to the skin. This is very helpful in managing as well as preventing blisters over the toes. These types of foams can also be valuable with cleanliness conditions between the toes, particularly with the accumulation of things including toe jam. The toe foam can spread the toes and permit air to circulate and in addition they could also help soak up the accumulation of dampness which will help prevent its accumulation.


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Pedifoam (Big Toe) Sleeves, Foam Toe Tubes (Large, 1" x 12") 8 Cushion Sleeves per Order
  • For Big Toe, 8 Sleeves Per Order
  • Each Sleeve 1" X 12" Inside Diameter is 1"
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Pedifix (a) Toe Comb (Pack/12)
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Dr. Jills Tube Foam Medium (3/4" Width) 10 Sleeves with Overlap
  • 12" 10 Sleeve of Medical Grade Tube Foam
  • Toe Sleeve

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