Plicatured toenails, also referred to as folded toe nails or ridged nails or pincer toenail, are a kind of nail deformity which may affect people of every age group and sexes. This disorder is described as the presence of several transverse ridges or folds on the surface of the nail, that could provide a curved or pleated appearance. There are many likely causes of plicatured nails, such as inherited genes, underlying health conditions, and specific lifestyle aspects. In some cases, this problem might be handed down from one or both parents, even though the exact genetic mechanisms concerned aren’t yet totally understood. Some other probable reasons for plicatured toenails may include long-term or acute health problems, for example thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, and fungus infections. Plicatured toe nails might also be a complication of specific drugs, including chemo medicines or blood pressure drugs. In addition to these underlying medical conditions, there are a few life style issues which will contribute to the growth of plicatured toenails. These can include things like inadequate nutrition, substantial alcohol consumption, and exposure to nasty chemicals or injury to the nail bed.

Regardless of the different likely causes of plicatured toe nails, the condition is typically harmless and does not require medical treatment quite often. Having said that, if the underlying cause relates to an underlying medical condition or medication, dealing with that underlying problem can help to ease the symptoms of plicatured toenails. The reducing or trimming of the toenails, especially the large toenails can be a difficulty and the skills of a podiatrist may be needed to assist. Sometimes, plicatured nails may also be a sign of a more major underpinning medical condition, such as a respiratory system or cardiac condition. For that reason, people who become aware of continual or severe toe nail problems should consult with a medical expert to eliminate any underpinning health problems. In terms of prevention, having a healthy lifestyle, having a well-balanced diet, as well as steering clear of exposure to dangerous chemical substances or trauma will help you to decrease the chance of developing pincer toenails. Also, it is crucial that you seek timely medical help if any chronic or serious toenail irregularities have emerged, so that you can get an accurate identification and appropriate treatment. There isn’t very much that can be done to operatively fix these toenails, so ongoing expert treatment could be required. One drastic alternative whenever they do become tough to handle may be the total surgical removal of the toe nail.

Plicatured or pincer toe nails can be a common toe nail deformity that can have an assortment of underlying causes which can be quite a issue. While this disorder is generally harmless and will not require podiatry, it is essential to seek prompt medical attention if chronic or significant nail irregularities are observed, in order to rule out any underpinning medical concerns and get proper treatment if required. For the nail as a result of force from the footwear they are able to come to be uncomfortable and frequent therapy from the good podiatrist may be needed. Talking about your problem and the characteristics of it with a podiatrist can provide you with guidance on the best way to manage the problem in the long run.


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