The ankle joint is among the more important joints in your body for movement. Just imagine trying to shift your body onward over the foot if your ankle joint did not flex. It is not impossible, but it is likely to be very difficult to move forward and it will be rather tiring. The ankle joint structurally links your foot to the leg. Your ankle joint includes the talus bone that rests on top of the calcaneus or heel bone. The talus bone is between the distal ends of the fibula and tibia. The anatomy of the ankle joint will mean that it functions like the hinge or pivot joint. This pivot allows the lower leg to advance ahead over the foot once the feet are on the floor so that we can make progress proficiently. This particular useful movement is based on there being a sufficient range of flexibility with the ankle and there’s practically nothing which restraints that such as tight leg muscles or osteo arthritis in the joint. As the ability to move in the ankle can be so necessary clinicians involved in the activity and physiotherapy professions want to look into the flexibility at the ankle. […] read more