Soreness within the big toe or hallux joint that is painful whenever walking is mostly commonly due to osteoarthritis and is generally given the term more frequently known as hallux rigidus when the joint is very stiff or hallux limitus if it is not so inflexible. Hallux rigidus is uncomfortable whenever walking, so if its very painful resting, it may much more likely be gout symptoms than a hallux rigidus. Considering the hallux rigidus, when we are walking and the rearfoot commences to lift up off the ground, the big toe joint would need to move for that movement to happen. If that movement has limitations or there exists a painful osteoarthritis in the big toe joint, then that it is not really as simple simply to walk. It’s a good idea that if this joint is painful when walking, then a obvious way to deal the discomfort on motion should be to minimize exactly how much the joint moves. There are several ways to do that. One simple method in which Podiatrists use is with felt pads which can be stuck on the foot beneath the great toe and ball of the foot or strapping could be used to […] read more