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November 7, 2023

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How to deal with a navicular stress fracture?

A stress fracture on the navicular in the foot is not really a common stress fracture but may be very disabling for an athlete when it occurs. The stress fracture is definitely an too much use injury occurring to bone as a result of increased exercise amounts. The navicular bone inside the feet are located just anterior to the ankle at the top of the arch of the feet. Due to the location which the navicular bone is at, it can get subjected to a lot of loads and if the navicular isn’t adjusted to that force, a stress fracture may come about. Bone isn’t a solid firm construction. Bone is really a dynamic living composition and it is always changing itself with new bone cellular material and adapting to forces which will get put on it. Taking part in sporting activity more force is placed on all bones, but the bones adapt and create new bone cells within the bone in response to those forces. However, in the event those forces grow too fast and the bone is not given time to adjust to those loads, then a stress fracture might result. As a consequence of the location of […] read more
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What is a calcaneal stress fracture?

Stress fractures can be a relatively common overuse injury in athletes, mainly when there is a great deal of repetitive motions like running. In runners nearly every bone can get a stress fracture. A stress fracture are small breaks that appear in the bone as the result of too much recurring forces. Bone tissue is definitely a dynamic structure and may adjust to force on it when it’s offered adequate time. In the event that elevated strain with activities such as running are increased rather gradually, then your bone will adjust to these higher stress and become much stronger. However, when those strain tend to be raised too soon and also the bone tissue is not provided an opportunity to adjust, then a stress fracture might happen. This can be more prone to also come about if there are difficulties with the healthiness of the bone for example osteoporosis, not enough vitamin d as well as low calcium. Women will be more susceptible to having a stress fracture. Stress fractures in general get better without having issues if given ample time to get better. Nonetheless, stress fractures can be separated into those that are thought to be high-risk and low […] read more
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