The calendar year of 1908 ended up being notable for a number of occurrences. 1908 was claimed by NASA as being the most cold documented year since 1880. The year started with Ernest Shackleton setting sail on the Nimrod coming from NZ intended for his investigation of the Antarctica. The objective of the scientific expedition were to get to the south pole, however Shackleton would not make it happen, however did get a number of scientific findings on Antarctica undertaken. On January 24th, Baden-Powell’s guide, Scouting for Boys ended up being released in London. This book ultimately sold in excess of one hundred million copies and ended up being the catalyst for starting off the world wide Boy Scout organization. The 1st Scout troop away from the UK is put together in Gibraltar about March 27th and it expands from there. From February, the 1908 New York to Paris auto competition takes place. This competition was a considerable obstacle particularly due to the state of car technologies at that time and road system present at the time. Only three of the six competitors finished the course with the victor to be the USA crew. At the end of June, the so-called Tunguska occurrence or “Russian explosion” occurs near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in , Siberia, in Russia. This event results in trees compressed over a large locale. The true reason for this incident is just not well-known, bringing the conspiracy advocates to assert it has been probably aliens. One of the most in all likelihood description reported by experts, could it be was as a result of the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment with an altitude of 5-10 km’s over the Earth’s surface. The conspiracists do not believe the feasible scientific explanation.

The 1908 Summer Olympics are held in London, UK from July 13 to 25. These Olympic Games were actually planned to be in Italy in 1906, but had to be changed to London due an eruption with Mount Vesuvius leading to sizeable ruin and also the requirement to divert money from the prospective Olympics to fix damages of the eruption. The runner, Johnny Hayes from the USA sets the first world record for finishing the marathon distance with a time of 2:55:18.4. On October 1st, Henry Ford’s Ford Model T motor vehicle is brought out having an initial cost set at USD$850. It was frequently considered to be the very first economical automobile, which opened car ownership to the middle class. The somewhat low price was mostly because of Ford’s innovative successful construction line manufacturing and fabrication as opposed to individual handcrafting technique of making automobiles used previously. Production of the vehicle finished in 1927. There were a number of catastrophes in 1908 including the Collinwood school fire near Cleveland, Ohio that killed 174 individuals. A railway tragedy on April 20th in Melbourne, in Australia resulted in the death of 44 people when there was a rear-end accident involving two trains. A typhoon in Hong Kong sinks the passenger steamer Ying King, leading to 421 deaths in July. On September 17th near Fort Myer in Virginia, USA, Thomas Selfridge has become the very first person to die in an airplane accident. The airplane was piloted by Orville Wright who had been badly injured in the accident however he did recover.


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