Chinese foot binding had been an old process from the Thirteenth century, in which the feet of younger female children ended up being really securely bound in order to stop them from growing in size. The foot binding did come from the upper social classes after which it moved to rural areas in which nearly half of the female children were put through it. As the youngster grew, the foot remained small. Foot binding was basically a brutal and painful practice. The feet were wrapped in a gauze and placed into decorative footwear known as lotus shoes. The foot binding has stopped being done since it was eventually outlawed, but there are many very elderly Chinese females in some rural regions who are still living with bound up feet.

The goal of the foot binding would have been to maintain the foot of the girl small since a smaller foot was basically regarded as a lot more erotic and appealing, so would be a measure of beauty and a status symbol. The marriage prospects for girls with smaller feet were improved and also the family may require a larger dowry for their female daughters. Essentially the most attractive girls has a foot that’s under three inches (ten cm), called the “golden lotus.” A 4 inch foot (13 centimeters) was called the “silver lotus.” Larger than the 4 inches was thought to be less attractive and was known as the “iron lotus”.

When a female had been through the technique of the Chinese foot binding, there is not a lot that may be carried out for the discomfort and disability apart from to keep the foot bound. There was no treatment method available or provided to fix the disability. Those with bound feet had ongoing pain and constrained mobility. Chinese foot binding can often be seen by feminists as an oppressive technique towards females who were victims of a sexist tradition. It’s also broadly seen as a kind of violence against females. Bound feet rendered females reliant on their families, in particular the men, since they became mainly limited to their family homes.

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