Flat foot is a common problem which is generally not always an issue. It can raise the risk for other conditions occurring and may turn out to be symptomatic on its own. Because of this, flatfoot is commonly treated to help these problems and in many cases to stop disorders from causing issues. The most widespread treatment for flat foot are foot orthoses or insoles. These can be either the mass-produced prefabricated kind which is picked to match the contour and requirements from the foot or they can be of the bespoke type which is created from an impression with the foot and is specific for the specifications of this individual. The science shows that the end result between the customized and pre-made sort of foot orthotics is generally about the same. Having said that, in reality, what’s beneficial to every individual can vary. Frequently the using foot supports may be combined with the use of exercises.

There are alternatives and many ask if the mid-foot (arch) support that is built in flip-flops, much like the Archies manufacturer out of Australia could be part of an alternative to foot orthoses. In Australia, they will name flip-flops, the thongs. The Archies brand name have built up an arch which is built into them that is roughly the same height and contour associated with the commercially available arch supports that you can buy over the counter in shops. Simply because they are really very much the same, chances are they more than likely could be employed interchangeably. Mild cases of flat feet are often handled using the over the counter arch supports, so they really quite possibly could be handled with flip-flops such as the Archies instead.

The challenge which may crop up is that if the flat foot is especially serious and much more substantial support is required to manage it, especially if it is actually symptomatic. In these cases the over the counter arch supports or the Archies arch supporting flip flops is definitely not adequate and a bespoke foot orthotics may be required. You will need to speak with your health professional in regards to the solutions in these instances. That being said, these Archies are still advantageous as a chosen lifestyle choice whenever you do need foot orthotics. As a result of footwear choices are crucial once you do need to use foot supports or foot orthotics, your choice regarding the array of shoes is often reduced. Using the flip flops like the Archies thongs with the arch support, mainly in the warmer climates when you do not want to wear footwear may be a good option. Alternately in between using the foot orthoses within supporting footwear and the Archies tends to make practical sense and also be effective. Of course, check in with your treating health professional as to the ideal choices here before doing a lot of activity in one or the other.

Within our center located in Croydon, Melbourne, in Australia we are most likely one of the largest stockist of the Archies thongs in the country. These Archies are selling really well. Just about everybody that puts on a pair of these in our clinic, purchases these. On my Podiatry Soapbox weblog, I have even made a video about how I adjust the Archies thongs to give them a whole lot more help for those who require it.


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