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October 25, 2021

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Posts tagged "footwear"

The Archie Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Flip flops (or ‘thongs’ in Australia and jandals in New Zealand) are a popular and convenient form of footwear, especially in the warmer climates. They can be somewhat of a problem if you have a foot condition that needs some  →
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Can Crocs be used as running shoes?

Crocs are a type of foam clog that are a well-liked model of footwear however they are in addition the butt of the many laughs and negative comments. Crocs were actually created as footwear to use around water, especially water  →
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Overpronation and Running Shoes

The definition of overpronation gets a large amount of conversation in running and sports medical groups and there’s a incredible amount of uncertainty and hype about this. Pronation is actually a normal action in which the rearfoot rolls inwards along  →
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What was Chinese Foot Binding?

The Lotus footwear is one of the oldest styles of footwear recorded that were specifically designed for females use. Now, the manufacturing of this footwear nowadays is virtually not happening and the few lotus footwear still existing have become maintained  →
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Should you wear ‘ballet flats’?

Ballet flats really are a specific footwear design inspired by the shoes worn by ballet. By design these footwear are extremely minimal. The footwear does not much on the foot apart from cover the foot and come in a wide  →
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What happened to the toning shoes?

Roughly ten years ago, the toning shoes were all the rage. These were footwear that were supposed to help you firm up and get an additional workout whenever using them. Many actually stated to be able to shape the ‘butt’  →
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What are barefoot running shoes?

Around 2009 there started a trend within the running community towards barefoot running. The craze was to dispose of the arch supporting and padded athletic shoes as they were considered the main cause of most of the injuries that runners  →
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Can running shoes help prevent injury?

The primary function of a runner having proper running footwear is to try to help prevent injury and help them run more quickly. The use of an inappropriate running shoe for a runner is considered to raise the possibility for  →
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Can you get arch support in ballet flats?

Ballet flats really are a type of footwear that are inspired from the shoes that ballet dancers dance in. These are footwear which are minimal in style and design much like the ballet shoes and have no design elements that  →
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Should You Use Recovery Footwear?

Sports athletes workout very hard to attain their objectives, usually by enhancing the quantity and intensity of their exercising. On the other hand, what has become clearer in recent times is usually that relaxing and not exercise is probably equally  →
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