Burning feet syndrome is a common disorder and hard to get to the bottom of and hard to manage since it can commonly not necessarily be apparent how you get the symptoms. The burning feet syndrome is commonly characterized by an odd experience of burning and a heavy feeling occurring from the legs and feet. Historically, it was first explained by Grierson in 1826 who was the first to document the signs and symptoms of burning feet. A far more in depth description was presented by Gopalan in 1946, so sometimes the burning feet syndrome was also referred to as Grierson-Gopalan syndrome.

You can find frequently simply no distinct aetiology or reason behind burning feet syndrome and the cause is often idiopathic or not known. It can be connected with nutritional or endocrine causes such as a vitamin B insufficiency, the painful neuropathy that happens in type 2 diabetes, in those with renal failure particularly if on renal dialysis, or because of hypothyroidism. Burning feet are more prevalent in individuals older than 50 years but it might and does occur at any age. The signs and symptoms are typically described by way of burning experience, a heaviness, a tingling or a boring ache occurring mostly in the foot. It is usually only on the soles of the feet but may go up to include the top of the feet, ankles or up the lower legs sometimes. The forearms and palms of the hands are typically not affected, but if they may be, then this must be looked at further. At times people might report of ‘pins and needles’ or tingling variety of sensation in the feet and legs. Normally, the signs and symptoms are generally worse through the night and they are somewhat improved during the day time. They are also not made more intense with an increase of amounts of exercise or standing which would signal an orthopaedic disorder as opposed to the neurological involvement in burning foot syndrome. Assessment of your feet and legs by a physician generally locates no objective signs and symptoms. A selection of investigations, particularly blood tests are frequently carried out to search for some of the specific conditions that may cause the problem.

The treatment of burning foot syndrome can both have specific measures which are targeted at the source (eg diabetic neuropathy, pinched nerves, thyroid disorders) and general steps that may be helpful in some cases. These kinds of general actions range from the wearing of open and comfortable shoes, maybe those having arch supports, and also using cotton socks is sometimes beneficial. Relief from the signs and symptoms of burning feet could be brought about by the soaking the feet in chillier water for approximately 15 minutes. Additionally it is crucial that you stay away from exposing your feet to sources of warmth. There are drug options including tricyclic antidepressants and membrane layer stabilising agents (for example carbamazepine and gabapentin) that happen to be utilized in the more serious cases. There are actually side affects connected with these medications, but they’re important at providing reduction for the signs and symptoms when it’s required. Even with the usage of drugs, the management of the signs and symptoms can be troublesome and a few people will have to be evaluated by a consultant pain clinic and presented strategies to help deal with the pain.


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