There one point that a lot of ice hockey participants make a complaint about and that is something which has become known as the Bauer Bump. Bauer are one of the leading makes of ice hockey skates, hence the condition is called after them, even though the problem can happen in almost any brand of ice hockey skate. The disorder is usually what is named Haglund’s deformity or possibly a retrocalcaneal bursitis. Additionally, it can get known as the pump bump. This means there’s an swelling on the calcaneus bone at the back that virtually any type of footwear such as an ice hockey skate will almost certainly irritate and also result in an inflammatory reaction of the bursa there. It is not something that is unique with ice hockey and Haglund’s problems may happen to any person in almost any shoes when the shoes irritates an enlargement at the back of the calcaneus bone.

bauer bump

Generally, the growth can be seen at the rear of the heel bone and it’s simple to grasp how any boot or shoe is going to aggravate this enlargement. The continuing irritation will inflame a bursa which is on the bone there and it will become red and swollen through this. This swelling can now and again get so painful that anti-inflammatory drugs may be needed to reduce the symptoms and also the swelling.

Exactly what specifically might an ice hockey participant do with this Bauer’s Bump? In some cases just changing the manufacturer of ice hockey skates maybe all that’s required, and you can note a few testimonials coming from ice hockey participants that this is the thing that they did and it fixed Bauer’s bump. A very good skate boot retailers will have the knowhow to cut away a hole within the heel counter part of the skate boots. Several might use a heat gun and stretch out the heel counter spot away somewhat over the area. You will also find numerous patches which you can use to maintain the pressure off of the painful area. This can include silicon gel shielding pads, sometimes included in a sock. Plenty of players report that this is extremely useful and advise this. Other sorts of patches shaped like a horseshoe, or a doughnut could very well be fashioned to wrap around the painful area and prevent the skate from pressing around the enlarged region at the rear of the calcaneus bone. A Bauer’s bump is often an ongoing problem because the inflammation in the bursa could be minimized with such strategies, however the bigger heel bone is still likely to be present long-term, therefore may be easily inflammed once again. The best option to eliminate the bone fragment and Bauer’s bump permanently is surgery to get rid of part of the enlarged bone. While this is a good option long-term it is a bit challenging because the Achilles tendon is required to be taken off to access the calcaneus to remove it and then the tendon is stitched back into the location. The problem with that is the longer rehabilitation that is required due to the need to push the tendon out of the way.


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