Haglund’s deformity or a pump bump is a bigger part of bone in the back of the heel bone is a painful condition in runners and it is frequently not easy to get over. The enlarged portion of the heel bone rubs on the footwear producing a bursitis as well as blisters. This bursitis could become rather swollen as well as painful. The inflamed bursa is referred to as retrocalcaneal bursitis.

The only method to make the enlarged heel bone go away is to use surgical treatment and that surgical treatment might involve taking off the Achilles tendon at the insertion to get at the heel bone to clear out the enlargement and then re-attach the tendon to the calcaneus. This is a big problem and entails lots of rehab, so we would like to stay away from this if practical. Having said that, it’s a quite good option in the long term if it is an ongoing trouble and also the methods used to help it are not working.

A sensible way to deal with a Haglund’s problem of the heel bone is to remove pressure off of the painful place so the bursitis lump will go down. Sometimes, a simple heel raise might be all that is needed occasionally since this will move the painful region on the calcaneus bone away from the irritating portion of the heel counter in the running footwear. Podiatry self-adhesive felt padding could also often be used to make a donut shaped felt adhesive pad which goes around the painful bursitis. This pad can be adhered in the athletic shoe or to the foot. Other types of felt padding could possibly be stuck within the heel counter of the athletic shoes to help keep the pressure off the lump allowing it to get better. Generally if the pressure from the shoe is relieved for long enough, the irritation from the bursitis can go down.

In terms of what is the best running footwear for a Haglund’s issue on the heel bone, right now there probably not one, in spite of runners frequently questioning online for the best and receiving plenty of advice for specific running shoes. Nearly all running shoes brands work with a different molded last to manufacture their footwear on, so its a matter of getting the footwear that best suits the shape in the back of one’s heel. Each and every runner’s anatomy of their calcaneus bone differs, making this is a difficult job. A running shoe with a soft, flexible as well as pliable heel counter is going to be a lot better than one having a more stiff heel counter.

A number of runners try out a higher drop and a lower drop running shoe and look for that one more than another does a much better job at reducing pressure on the painful Haglunds. Seeing that each individual Haglund’s swelling differs from the others it is difficult to present specific recommendations to an particular person regarding which running shoe will suit them better. Quite a few runners actually resort to cutting an opening in the heel counter in the running footwear so that there is no pressure from the shoe on the Haglunds lump. If you want to try this, it can be good idea to test it initially on an older pair of running shoes just in case anything might not work out.


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