Someone who has corns on the toes will always be researching ways to eliminate them. The key step for permanently eradicate corns on the foot would be to understand just what corns happen to be. There are numerous misunderstandings about what exactly corns happen to be which pushes a whole lot of falsehoods about them.

Corns are generally smaller discrete areas of thickened epidermis which generally have a much deeper core to them. A callus is usually a more superficial diffuse region of hard skin, so corns and calluses are in exactly the same mechanism, simply with different consequences. The main cause of these regions of hard skin is just too much pressure over a longer period of time. Because the pressure on the foot or toe goes on the epidermis continues becoming thicker to safeguard itself. This is a typical and natural activity and how the epidermis on the human body protects itself. The thing is that the epidermis keeps on getting thicker as a result of this pressure, that it becomes so thicker that this then results in being painful. For that corn this pressure is only focused on a smaller location.

The primary reason for this greater pressure is often numerous causes. The footwear could possibly be restricted. There can be a hammer toe or hallux valgus. There might be a metatarsal that is out of position. There may be any number of factors that may cause an excessive amount of pressure on any particular part of the foot in comparison with another. This is basically the reason for corns and also calluses. There are no additional causes. It is all about how much pressure.

If you need to completely do away with a corn you’ll want to do away with that pressure which can be leading to the corn. Just removing a corn or even using a corn removal pad or getting a podiatrist to debride a corn won’t permanently eliminate the corn. Those methods may offer you some respite for a short period of time from several weeks to months, however, if the reason for the corn remains, the corn is going to keep coming back. Corns will not have roots that they re-grow from. They do not come back since the podiatrist just didn’t remove the “root” once they cut away at it. The corn returned because the pressure on the area that caused the corn continues to be present.

There are many of methods that should be used to reduce that increased pressure on an area which can be causing the corn or callus. The particular strategy would be determined by just what reason for the corn is. You will probably have to focus on this with your podiatrist. If the shoes are too restricted, then they will need to be changed. If there is a claw toe, consequently that is going to really need to be fixed. When there is a bunion, then that too is going to need to be fixed or padding used to protect it. There are lots of different methods that will have to be used based on just what the reason for the corn is. The main strategy to doing away with a corn or callus completely is knowing exactly what is causing it.


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