Menopause is really a a natural normal progression as females get older and their menstrual period ceases. It is often generally known as the ‘change of life’. Onset is typically around the chronilogical age of 50, with ranges from 45-55 yrs. Physiologically, the ovaries stop making estrogen, which is the female hormonal agent, that represents the end of childbearing years and may lead to quite a few psychological and physical challenges. As the production of estrogen stops, your body reacts by shutting down the reproductive system bodily organs and the women who have been through menopause are unable to bear children. The body needs time and energy to adjust to these kind of adjustments and there are many frequent symptoms while this happens. The most common signs and symptoms are hot flushes, heart palpitations, interrupted sleep, lack of energy, loss of libido in addition to gaining weight. These symptoms should be thought about being somewhat normal and part of the changeover process that your body goes through, however they can range in severity with some females having negligible symptoms and others experiencing quite intense signs and symptoms which need treatment. The end results of these signs and symptoms may be a probable increased risk for cardiovascular disease, however numerous studies have arrived at diverse conclusions. There is an increase in the type of cholestrerol levels that might enhance the risk for several conditions plus an raised levels of fibrinogen that is a danger factor for coronary disease. Osteoporosis is a very common end result.

With the foot and lower limb the decreased estrogen levels throughout menopause can bring about an elevated chance of musculoskeletal injury with bone and muscle wasting. There is an increase in the tightness of the tendons in your body. The postmenopausal weak bones will increase the threat for fractures along with stress fractures with the feet, particularly if there is greater levels of physical activity. There can also be troubles with the balance which might enhance the risk for falls and result in injury and fractures. The weight gain that occurs throughout menopause can lead to elevated loads about the feet and a few researchers have reported a higher frequency of lesser foot health following menopause.

Mentally throughout menopause there is an greater occurrence of depressive disorders, anxiety, irritability, swift changes in moods and lack of attentiveness. The menopause signs and symptoms generally last about 6-12 months in most women, even though some women may go through all or some of the signs and symptoms as long as 5 years. Once the signs and symptoms tend to be problematic a typical strategy is hormone replacement therapy. This is certainly quite useful in reducing the increased risk for osteoporosis that these females have and decrease the other symptoms, especially the hot flushes. There is a risk with being on hormonal replacement therapy with a a little greater chance for cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular event, blood clots along with breast cancers. The chance is higher if the replacement therapy is commenced later on, if the dosage needed is greater along with the incidence of some other risks for the complications. The choice to go on hormone replacement therapy will have to be a determination made in consultation with a health professional and evaluating the different risks for the individual.


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