Dried-out skin on the foot is a common problem and you will find many different ways to treat this however possibly the oddest is the using fish to eat away at the useless and dry skin. Numerous pedicure health spas will provide a pedicure using the fish. They will use the types, Garra rufa which usually eats dead skin. It has been advocated it may even be utilized for the skin problem, psoriasis. The Garra rufa species of fish has no teeth, so it simply consumes the dead skin cells by munching away at that useless or unhealthy epidermis, giving the actual ‘pedicure’. There isn’t any published data on the use of this process and most of the support for it is dependant on marketing, recommendations and also stories. A few feedback happen to be made on the soothing micro massage which comes through the feeding action of the fish.

Fears are generally raised regarding the safety associated with fish pedicures. They happen to be prohibited in several US states as well as other countries for cleanliness and infection control purposes. The issue is that Garra rufa fish cannot be sanitized or discarded following each treatment because of the cost, so could pass any contamination on among clients. The water utilized for the fish can be sanitized to decrease this risk however it will not really avoid it. Those with weaker immunity processes or underpinning health problems, such as diabetes and skin conditions, are best to stay away from fish pedicure because of their elevated risk.

A fish pedicure isn’t for the faint hearted as well as squeamish. Many of the ratings of people who’ve had a fish pedicure frequently comment on the creepy characteristics associated with fish chew away on the dried-out skin on their feet. As well the comments may comment on exactly how great their foot and skin feel following a fish pedicure. Should you be in reasonable health and certainly not at risk of microbe infections or at risk for issues, then there is no reason why you should not give it a try if you are interested in pursuing this as an solution to take care of the useless and dry skin on your foot. Keep in mind the possible hygiene challenges and take suitable safety measures.

If you are not wanting to use a fish pedicure when you are too creaped out or concerned with the hygiene problems, you will find alternatives. You may visit a podiatrist and have the thick and callused skin cleaned up and removed or you may have a go at that your self with something like a foot file or 1 of the modern electric callus removers. They will at least take away the thicker and dried-out skin. Nevertheless, what is crucial following that would be the regular upkeep to keep that callused skin down, specially when it’s liable to crack because which may turn out to be painful. You might need to make use of the foot file frequently. Then it is often a wise course of action to apply skin softening lotions everyday to soften your skin and help that dry skin. The urea based ointments tend to be great for this.


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