Your toenails are referred to as the mirrors of your overall health because so many health conditions can impact the health and appearance with the toenails. These toe nails can be influenced by local problems as well as by systemic concerns. These local concerns could be trauma to the toe nail, an ingrown nail or perhaps a callus which builds up down the side of the toe nail edge. Systemic concerns might be poor blood circulation, and joint disease conditions or perhaps a deficiency of some nutrients – all of these sorts of troubles may affect the look of the toenail. You can get many different health concerns that can induce a wide range of distinct toe nail problems.

One of them such toenail conditions is a disorder labeled onychorrhexis. The word comes from the Greek words, ónycho- and that is for “nail” and also rhexis which means “bursting”. Onychorrhexis looks like longitudinal ridging along with shallow parallel striations or furrows that has ridges which affect the top layers of the nail plate. There is often some chipping in the distal or free end of the nail plate because of the fragility of the toenail. Onychorrhexis is usually a component of aging and it is quite common in older individuals and in these kinds of situations the appearance is generally of no repercussions. Even though it is related to the aging process, it may also be associated with an underlying health issue. Precisely how bad the longitudinal grooves will be is determined by exactly how much injury is done to the nail growing area at the base of the nail plate where it will grow through by the underlying condition that is leading to it. Onychorrhexis shouldn’t be painful however due to the ridging this chipping at the distal edge of the nail may result in cracks within the toe nail which may turn out to be painful. Some of the health concerns that can result in the nail plate to go similar to this include lichen planus, psoriasis; iron-deficiency anaemia, inadequate circulation, rheumatism, anorexia nervosa or bulimia, pityriasis rubra pilaris, zinc deficiency and a nail disorder called trachyonychia. Picking at the toenails or nail biting causes it and also could the regular usage of toe nail polish remover be also a factor. A fungi infection in the nail plate can also give a very much the same appearance.

The treatment of onychorrhexis may not be required since there is not much that can be done as a result of it being a usual part of aging. There can be a bit of improvement in the look of the toe nail with the treatments for the underpinning or connected condition if that’s the cause of the appearance of the nail. It really is crucial that you take proper care of the toenails with frequent trimming of the nails. If the amount of the free end of the nail is maintained low and the nail maintained short, it can be less likely that this free or distal edge of the nail will chip or split. All complications which might occur with the toe nail might be because of local issues or systemic health concerns. It is essential that the reason for the problem is figured out so the appropriate treatment will be given.


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