Pitted keratolysis is a relatively common infection in the skin of the foot which is observed as many cavities or small holes about the sole of the feet and sometimes the toes. The infection is actually due to a microorganisms belonging to the Corynebacterium species. Pitted Keratolysis is a lot more frequent wherever damp shoes or work boots are worn for prolonged amounts of time, for example work books or military footwear and increased perspiration is allowed to accumulate. The buildup of the perspiration will be the surroundings that the bacteria might develop in which is also often followed by smelly feet at the same time. The little craters which form as a consequence of the excessive sweating in addition to the infection appear to be small holes in the foot, generally on the bottom of the foot as well as the skin has a tendency to have a whitened tinge. The openings usually are about 1 to 5 mm across and are generally round and also shallow. Typically both your feet are affected. These types of holes or craters seen in pitted keratolysis develop from bacteria which secretes enzymes that result in the degradation of the keratin proteins in the outermost layer of the affected skin. The breakdown of the skin releases sulphur molecules which cause the foot smell. Because these microorganisms do well in the darkish, warm and damp surroundings within the footwear, this concern will continue until eventually that’s managed. Pitted keratolysis might have very much the same attributes as athlete’s foot and hyperhidrosis, so podiatrists will conduct some assessments to make some observations to tell apart which could well be the actual root cause of the problem.

The strategy to the treating pitted keratolysis should be to deal with the infection and manage the risk elements that triggered it to start with. The infection is best addressed with a topical cream antibiotic that one could commonly obtain over-the-counter or perhaps on prescription from a doctor, depending on how powerful the medicine is required to be and how severe the pitted keratolysis will be. Oral antibiotics are generally not recommended. This antibiotic frequently are of help however will likely not work too well unless the foot hygiene is tackled and that inhospitable warm and damp ecosystem which the bacteria likes is looked after. Your feet needs to be cleaned no less than each day with soapy water after which dried out thoroughly afterwards, especially between the toes. Making use of alcohol wipes may also help dry the feet after bathing. After doing this, it is better to be barefoot as long as practical for a good airing of the foot. Socks which soak up perspiration and are changed several times a day can be really helpful in the workplace if boots have to be worn. Antiperspirants widely available in the drug store can help as well to help keep your feet dry. Once the pitted keratolysis has initially settled down, prevention is very important. Your feet will still need to be cleaned completely and antiperspirants will still have to be applied. Sweat absorbing shoe inserts can be used within the footwear or work boots. Powders within the socks could also be used to help soak up the excessive sweat.


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