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November 7, 2023

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What are plicatured nails?

Plicatured toenails, also referred to as folded toe nails or ridged nails or pincer toenail, are a kind of nail deformity which may affect people of every age group and sexes. This disorder is described as the presence of several transverse ridges or folds on the surface of the nail, that could provide a curved or pleated appearance. There are many likely causes of plicatured nails, such as inherited genes, underlying health conditions, and specific lifestyle aspects. In some cases, this problem might be handed down from one or both parents, even though the exact genetic mechanisms concerned aren’t yet totally understood. Some other probable reasons for plicatured toenails may include long-term or acute health problems, for example thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, and fungus infections. Plicatured toe nails might also be a complication of specific drugs, including chemo medicines or blood pressure drugs. In addition to these underlying medical conditions, there are a few life style issues which will contribute to the growth of plicatured toenails. These can include things like inadequate nutrition, substantial alcohol consumption, and exposure to nasty chemicals or injury to the nail bed. Regardless of the different likely causes of plicatured toe nails, the condition is […] read more
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What are the common toenail disorders?

There exists so much that might go wrong with the toenails on the foot. The toe nails are exposed to a huge amount of trauma with things falling on them and kicking things. They furthermore get put into the unfriendly ecosystem of the shoe in which they become subjected to stress from the footwear as well as the dim damp atmosphere which bugs love. Because of these reasons there are many diverse disorders which may go wrong with the toe nails, most of which need to have the expert care from a podiatrist. By far the most common condition that impacts the foot as well as the most well-known is an ingrown toenail that is medically referred to as onychocryptosis. This is where a corner of the nail grows in to the skin and sets up an infection. Usually the underlying problem is a really curved nail plate with the edges deep in the toenail sulcus in addition to a bad toenail trimming technique which leaves a sharp corner or splinter of nail. Since the nail will grow out, then that sharp corner simply grows straight into the nail sulcus. This could come to be rather uncomfortable. The best approach […] read more
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Your toenails are mirrors of your health

Your toenails are referred to as the mirrors of your overall health because so many health conditions can impact the health and appearance with the toenails. These toe nails can be influenced by local problems as well as by systemic concerns. These local concerns could be trauma to the toe nail, an ingrown nail or perhaps a callus which builds up down the side of the toe nail edge. Systemic concerns might be poor blood circulation, and joint disease conditions or perhaps a deficiency of some nutrients – all of these sorts of troubles may affect the look of the toenail. You can get many different health concerns that can induce a wide range of distinct toe nail problems. One of them such toenail conditions is a disorder labeled onychorrhexis. The word comes from the Greek words, ónycho- and that is for “nail” and also rhexis which means “bursting”. Onychorrhexis looks like longitudinal ridging along with shallow parallel striations or furrows that has ridges which affect the top layers of the nail plate. There is often some chipping in the distal or free end of the nail plate because of the fragility of the toenail. Onychorrhexis is usually a component […] read more
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Common Disorders of the Toenails

The toenails in the feet can have a whole lot of various problems that may affect them and be uncomfortable. The toenails get exposed to a great deal of pressure as well as load from shoes and daily activities. The toe nails get bumped around significantly and get objects dropped about them a lot. It’s no surprise there are a great number of conditions that podiatric physicians treat in their patients with problems of the nails. A ingrown toenail is among the most well-known painful problem with the feet. An ingrown nail occurs when the corner of the nail plate permeates the skin and creates an inflammatory reaction. This is in most cases due to a rounded appearance to the nail plate along with a inadequate toenail trimming technique which leaves a sharp edge. An expert podiatric doctor can readily take away that offending piece of toe nail and provide virtually instant comfort with this. However, the condition does are inclined to reoccur, so a minor operation to take out the edge of the nail plate should be considered. Probably one of the most prevalent factors that cause symptoms around the nails may be a disorder that is technically named […] read more
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