Last Updated:
October 25, 2021

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Posts tagged "archies"

The Archie Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Flip flops (or ‘thongs’ in Australia and jandals in New Zealand) are a popular and convenient form of footwear, especially in the warmer climates. They can be somewhat of a problem if you have a foot condition that needs some  →
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An Alternative to a Foot Orthotic

Flip flops are a type of footwear that can be equally bad and good for the feet. They could be good for the feet when they get the foot out of tight constricting shoes into the open air, mainly in  →
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The Theory Behind Arch Support of the Foot

The very idea of the arches in the foot as well as the need for arch support has been discussed for a quite a while. There are plenty of bad information about “arches” and “arch support”. Do you know the  →
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Are there any flips flops with arch support?

Flat foot is a common problem which is generally not always an issue. It can raise the risk for other conditions occurring and may turn out to be symptomatic on its own. Because of this, flatfoot is commonly treated to  →
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Should You Use Recovery Footwear?

Sports athletes workout very hard to attain their objectives, usually by enhancing the quantity and intensity of their exercising. On the other hand, what has become clearer in recent times is usually that relaxing and not exercise is probably equally  →
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