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October 25, 2021

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Posts tagged "flat foot"

Hewlett-Packard Foot Orthotic Solutions

Hewlett-Packard are more well known as being a computer and printer business which has also been recently been developing printers for the 3-d sector. These types of 3d printers are increasingly being frequently used inside the custom made foot orthoses  →
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Overpronation and Running Shoes

The definition of overpronation gets a large amount of conversation in running and sports medical groups and there’s a incredible amount of uncertainty and hype about this. Pronation is actually a normal action in which the rearfoot rolls inwards along  →
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How should flat foot in children be managed?

Flat foot in children are a debatable subject between health professionals. The debate is based about if it needs to be taken care of or left alone as many of children grow out of flat feet. Flat foot or a  →
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The difference between forefoot varus and forefoot supinatus

The foot is a sophisticated biomechanical construction that has to perform a great deal of movement. Since it is such a sophisticated construction, there are lots which can go wrong with it. There are several dysfunctional deviations possible in the  →
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The Richie Brace for an Adult Acquired Flat Foot

The progressive deteriorating of a flat foot or fallen arch in an adult is commonly known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or adult acquired flatfoot and could have serious implications if not noticed early on and taken care of. This  →
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Are there any flips flops with arch support?

Flat foot is a common problem which is generally not always an issue. It can raise the risk for other conditions occurring and may turn out to be symptomatic on its own. Because of this, flatfoot is commonly treated to  →
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Flat Foot in Runners

You could consider that overpronation is similar to a death sentence for runners if you read through a number of the running internet sites and social media comments. Anyone will think that it may result in all of the overuse  →
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The Overpronation Issue in Runners

Something you find in the running community is numerous common myths and misconceptions relating to exercising, overuse injury and also running shoes. This generates a large amount of poor suggestions getting given by individuals unqualified to provide it as well  →
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