Heel pain is considered the commonest reasons behind pain in the feet. The most typical reason behind pain with the heel in adults is plantar fasciitis and the most commonly encountered reason behind pain in the heel in youngsters is a condition referred to as Sever’s disease. Sever’s disease is the inflammation affecting the growth region at the rear of the heel bone that is especially common in children that are physically active and mainly is painful at the rear of the heel. For the reason that the problem is related to the growth of the bone tissue, the condition vanishes entirely by itself when the growth in that bone has finished. It will be nevertheless, painful and also restrict the activity of the kid so this nonetheless ought to be managed to help that limitation while they will in the end outgrow it. The main factor to address this condition is restricting physical exercise and other activity levels down to an amount where the pain in the calcaneus is managable. It is often hard to get children to abide with this.

Another approach is by using heel pads for Severs disease. These Sever’s disease heel inserts can come in a variety of varieties and several are going to have no affect. The idea behind the heel insert is that the pad have to cushion the impact forces on the heel on the floor and in addition they ought to lift the heel up to ensure the stress of the Achilles tendon on the back with the heel bone. Too frequently the padding which have been used tend not to accomplish these purposes. For example a padding material may feel really soft between your fingertips when you feel the padding, however should your fingers will be able to compress the pad, then it is most likely going to do nothing beneath the foot as the body weight of the kid will easily flatten the material. These kinds of inserts will do absolutely nothing to absorb the ground forces on the floor or lower the strain in the Achilles tendon. Along at the other end of the array is a padding that is too hard that’s going to act on decreasing the stress from the Achilles tendon but can do nothing to support the ground forces. The optimal insert for this purpose might be a compromise to have the two aims. It should be hard enough to reduce the stress coming from the Achilles tendon but not too hard that it may not necessarily cushion the impacts coming from the ground. The padding can also change based on the body weight of the child, with the heavy youngster requiring a firmer material that they tend not to compress. Frequently the most often used material for this Sever’s heel padding can be a firm silicon gel type padding material. The softer gel pad materials are often too soft to do this and are quickly compressed. In some cases a good running footwear could do the same thing and several actually have a silicon gel material beneath the heel built in to them. This could be also within several football shoes. Some health professionals might use an EVA kind of padding material that is a good alternate to the gels kind of pad materials.


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KidSole Gel Heel Strap for Kids with Heel Sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis. (Green)
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