There are various causes for pain and discomfort underneath the foot which is often challenging for the experts to diagnose it. Among those problems that is not really very frequent is an atrophy of your fat pad which is expected to cushion and also safeguard the foot. This fat pad safeguards the bones as well as other tissues beneath the feet. This could particularly be correct and also critical in athletes who engage in sporting activities that have a great deal of hard impacts on the ground which include running. With running they do have the extra protection of the running shoe to support the feet and reduce the impacts. The main symptoms of this condition are generally relatively unclear and non-specific, so often the expert health professional is required to exclude other conditions and do away with those as the explanation for the signs and symptoms leaving only this atrophy of the fat pad as the reason behind the pain. The most frequent manifestation is simply a imprecise discomfort underneath the ball or heel in the foot, that’s worse if standing up and even more painful when undertaking high impact activities. Not only is it painful under the foot, this reduced shock absorption might have affects higher up the body.

The reason for this atrophy or wasting away of the fat pad is just not straightforward. It does become a bit thinner as individuals become older, so it is a normal thing. Generally in most it is not an issue unless of course the atrophy might be considerable or if activity amounts tend to be higher. It simply seems that as we grow older some atrophy at a faster rate than others and the cause of that is not really very clear.

Should the wasting with the fat pad is identified as being the reason behind the problem the most beneficial therapy is to place some cushioned padding beneath the foot in the shoe. The firmness with this pad needs to be identical to the density with the the fat pad will be in order to do its protection appropriately. When it is far too soft, this will undoubtedly compress beneath the foot and do nothing. When it is too hard, then it will likely make zero improvement to the problem. Frequently the cushioned heel inserts are far too soft. A soft pad might feel good should you poke it with your fingers, but when your fingers can compress the pad, then body mass will also likely to flatten it and not help at all. Most of these cushioned heel pads can be extremely useful if you get the most appropriate one.

Another choice has been body fat grafting. This is a surgery treatment which involves getting body fat cells as well as tissue from a different area of the body and putting them underneath the heel and front foot. Although this grafting is mostly effective it is not necessarily something that is done regularly as there is a surgical risk with any procedure and the use of the cushioned heel pads is generally a lot more than effective, so the using operative grafting of body fat will simply be done in the most serious instances.


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