Any callus beneath the foot may become a painful problem if it gets too thick and hard. These calluses can be quite a common problem and a foot callus will continue to keep returning when the cause for that foot callus is not eliminated. A callus could develop below any one of the five metatarsal heads under the front foot or it may be more spread out and be under several metatarsal bones. Sometimes a central part of the callus can develop into a more painful plantar corn. A plantar callus is really a normal hardening of the skin in response to too much pressure. Generally body weight ought to be dispersed over all of the metatarsal heads uniformly, but if one or more of those metatarsal heads take more weight compared to another the skin will become thick and harden to protect itself. The problem is that if that pressure continues, the skin will end up even harder and become painful. This thickening is really a normal physiological response, and an example is really what happens to hands should you chop lots of timber. The skin on the hands grows calluses as a result of that pressure to safeguard itself. When you quit chopping wood, these calluses go away. It is the same for a plantar callus or corn on the feet, apart from that the higher pressure doesn’t necessarily go away by itself.

plantar calluses

Podiatry practitioners are usually great and competent at doing away with and debriding calluses along with remedying the symptoms that you could get from calluses, however that just resolves fifty percent of the issue. This plantar callus under the foot is likely to return in due course in the event that what ever is causing that too much pressure is not removed. There are various reasons for that abnormal pressure, and everyone will likely be different. Sometimes there can be a structural issue that means one or more metatarsals is a bit more flexible than the others and this rises out of the way and exposes other metatarsals to take more weight. Should this be your situation then foot orthotics are useful to assist in improving that biomechanics. A mallet toe or another toe deformity like that may cause more pressure beneath the ball of the foot in the area of the problem toe, so treatment for that high pressure should be aimed towards solving that claw toe. There could be a fallen metatarsal bone causing more higher pressure on the bone. In these cases a foot orthotic or support with a hole in it could certainly reduce the pressure away from that place or surgery may be possible to elevate that metatarsal bone to balance out pressure over each of the metatarsal bones. There are lots of additional likely reasons and different options for all of them.

Plantar calluses, like corns on the toes, do not have roots that they come back from. They are as a result of higher pressure. Taking out the plantar callus only gets rid of the signs and symptoms for a short time and does not take care of what’s causing it. For those who have plantar calluses beneath your foot that continues coming back, then please see a podiatrist and consult them about what your better options are in the long run to manage that.


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