Discomfort in the big toe or hallux joint in the foot is frequently because of arthritis. This frequently is recognized as hallux rigidus. There are several disorders from the great toe or hallux joint that could cause pain, with gout pain being another widely known condition. In some cases the big toe joint is completely rigid as well as other occasions it is not rigid, it simply has a lessened flexibility which is lower than what is considered normal. The most frequent reason behind a hallux rigidus will be osteoarthritis in the great toe joint. This particular osteoarthritis comes from a lot of deterioration of in the great toe joint due to a alignment issue with just how the joint doesn’t move the actual way it should. One other reason for the osteoarthritis can be a one off (or maybe a handful of) trauma to the hallux joint which does some damage to the hallux joint and induce the arthritis to start. Commonly, the pain from this starts as a minor discomfort, from time to time having an periodic sharp pain from the joint. Over time, the hallux rigidus gradually worsens and might become fairly painful. It is going to modify the manner in which you walk.

The therapies of hallux rigidus are relatively reduced because there is no solution for arthritis. The very first technique is handling of the pain sensation which may well involve injection therapy in to the hallux joint and also the using of pain prescription drugs. This really is likely to almost certainly work well in the short term but is not likely to fix the problem. Shoes which are more inflexible or have a rocker beneath the shoe are useful at limiting the movement in this great toe or hallux joint, however permit close to normal walking. There is also a carbon fibre insole which could be put in the shoes to make them stiff to make sure that when walking the great toe or hallux joint will not move much. Foot supports can also be commonly used and will often have a rocker or another design function which ends underneath the great toe joint to also help limit motion with the joint. You can also find other kinds of padding you can use and strapping of the great toe or hallux joint that can also be employed to restrict action in the joint.

Surgical treatment is another option that may be taken into account for hallux rigidus. There are lots of distinct approaches that a surgeon can take. One is to simply stiffen the joint. This can certainly prevent the pain and definitely will impact the means you walk around somewhat. It is still an excellent choice. Yet another operative approach would be to remove a bit of bone from round the joint to allow it to move a bit more easily. Another surgical choice is to replace the big toe joint using an artificial joint or put a spacer inside the joint and so the osteoarthritis about the joints surfaces is taken away and the two joints areas move on this spacer. Choosing which of these solutions is something that the operating doctor will have to determine depending upon how much injury happens to be done to the big toe joint and how worthwhile the bone throughout the hallux joint is and just how deep the joint disease should go.


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