The Cluffy Wedge is a modification to a foot orthotic or a stand alone intervention for different foot problems. The foot is a vital structure for individuals to get about upon. It needs to work correctly for all of us to stand, walk and also run. Any sort of pain or dysfunction with the feet are going to affect the ability of the feet to support us and also to move about on. These types of problems can have consequences that can substantially affect the total well being, particularly mobility. A lack of movement has got implications for overall health and also well-being. Podiatry practitioners have an important role in order to keep the feet strong so that we do not suffer from the consequences of pain with the feet. The foot has got 26 bones along with multiple joints and also ligaments in addition to muscles which controls the motions in the bones and joints. These all really need to function together to allow us to move about without pain. There are plenty of biomechanical dysfunctions that may go wrong and restrict that normal biomechanics.

For example, let me go over the big toe joint of your feet: after the foot contacts the floor when running or walking and the leg moves forward above the foot on the ground, then the hindfoot starts to come up off the floor as we propel ahead. So this to take place effectively is that if that big toe joint of the foot can flex. This requires that that joint is adaptable and mobile to allow that normal motion to happen. There are a variety of dysfunctions which may go wrong with that big toe joint which can have an effect on that ordinary function. One of the most common issue is that of osteoarthritis that affects the joint. It will become too painful to move, therefore, the process of walking could become painful. This could modify the method in which the feet and the body proceed. A big toe joint that becomes more rigid is also going to obstruct the normal biomechanics of the foot to make it quite a bit harder to get the rearfoot off the floor when walking or running. This really is a really inefficient as well as energy draining strategy to move. One more condition known as functional hallux limitus in addition influences the great toe or hallux joint biomechanics. With this issue there’s a normal range of motion of the joint should the foot is off the ground, however, if weightbearing in addition to walking for some unidentified factors, the big toe joint doesn’t want to flex. Any time these types of limitations at the great toe joint come about, other joints must move a lot more, which alters the way you move. This could certainly bring about symptoms in another place in your body as an overload.

Many of these kinds of biomechanical problems are regularly treated with using foot orthotics in an attempt to rebuild and allow for a far more normal biomechanics with the feet. There are plenty of types of foot orthoses and many various alterations that Podiatry practitioners frequently make use of to deal with the particular problem of individuals. A unique customization that may be often used to manage the problem of a functional hallux limitus is the Cluffy Wedge. This Cluffy wedge is a pad which will go underneath the great toe to allow a far more normal movements at this great toe joint. The Cluffy Wedge is widely used by podiatrists and foot orthotic labs. While questions get asked on the Cluffy Wedge in social media, you are better of discussing this with your health professional.

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