There exists so much that might go wrong with the toenails on the foot. The toe nails are exposed to a huge amount of trauma with things falling on them and kicking things. They furthermore get put into the unfriendly ecosystem of the shoe in which they become subjected to stress from the footwear as well as the dim damp atmosphere which bugs love. Because of these reasons there are many diverse disorders which may go wrong with the toe nails, most of which need to have the expert care from a podiatrist.

By far the most common condition that impacts the foot as well as the most well-known is an ingrown toenail that is medically referred to as onychocryptosis. This is where a corner of the nail grows in to the skin and sets up an infection. Usually the underlying problem is a really curved nail plate with the edges deep in the toenail sulcus in addition to a bad toenail trimming technique which leaves a sharp corner or splinter of nail. Since the nail will grow out, then that sharp corner simply grows straight into the nail sulcus. This could come to be rather uncomfortable. The best approach to deal with this is to see a podiatrist. Using excellent expertise they are able to take out that sharp corner which is growing in and allow pretty much instantaneous alleviation. They could give guidance on how to prevent this from growing to be a continuing problem and do some minor surgery on it if it will grow to be an ongoing condition. An associated condition to an ingrown toenail will be the growth and development of a callus on the edge of the nail groove which gets called onychophosis. This is very often wrongly identified as an ingrown toenail as the callus gets to be thicker this results in a very similar pain to the ingrown nail. Such a problem truly does need to have a good foot doctor who are able to remove the callus off using their expert skills. Onychophosis really does tend to be a bit of an continuing issue when guidance is not really followed. It is vital that the shoe is not going to put any pressure about the edge of the toe to help cause this problem.

Yet another common problem affecting the nails is that the nails turn out to be thicker, which is called onychauxis if the nail is just thicker or onychogryphosis if it is also deformed as well as being thicker. The greatest problem here is that it’s hard to cut the nail. The most frequent explanation for these types of thicker toenails are trauma, for example dropping something like a large rock on the foot that damages the growing area of the nail. Toenails do additionally are inclined to get thicker as we grow older. If a person has this onychauxis and can not cut the toenails, certainly they will need to visit a podiatrist to have the thickness decreased. Because this problem is as a consequence of damage to the toe nail matrix region, then this is likely to develop thicker again. A whole array of systemic medical problems could affect how the toe nails grow. One of these is onychorrhexis that is a ridges with superficial lines on the nail plate and is caused by a number of different medical conditions.


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