The toenails in the feet can have a whole lot of various problems that may affect them and be uncomfortable. The toenails get exposed to a great deal of pressure as well as load from shoes and daily activities. The toe nails get bumped around significantly and get objects dropped about them a lot. It’s no surprise there are a great number of conditions that podiatric physicians treat in their patients with problems of the nails.

A ingrown toenail is among the most well-known painful problem with the feet. An ingrown nail occurs when the corner of the nail plate permeates the skin and creates an inflammatory reaction. This is in most cases due to a rounded appearance to the nail plate along with a inadequate toenail trimming technique which leaves a sharp edge. An expert podiatric doctor can readily take away that offending piece of toe nail and provide virtually instant comfort with this. However, the condition does are inclined to reoccur, so a minor operation to take out the edge of the nail plate should be considered.

Probably one of the most prevalent factors that cause symptoms around the nails may be a disorder that is technically named onychophosis. This is when there is a lot of pressure down the edges of the toenail which causes a callus to develop within the nail plate groove. This callus or onychophosis gets so thicker that it becomes uncomfortable. This onychophosis is frequently mistaken for an ingrown toe nail. This type of condition requires the specialist abilities of a podiatrist to carefully remove the callus from the nail plate sulcus and file the nail plate away from the uncomfortable area. Long term if the onychophosis can be an ongoing challenge a minor surgical technique to clear out the side of the nail plate is realistic.

Trauma to a toenail plate such a repeated banging with the toe towards the end of the footwear or the one-time injury of, such as, dropping a weighty object on the foot can cause a deformed nail plate that grows in a deformed shape. The scientific term for this is onychogryphosis. After the toe nails begins to grow like this, it cannot be fixed. The only way to handle this is often to on a regular basis debride the toenail, most likely by a podiatry practitioner or even to have the nail completely taken out by minor surgery.

One more common problem affecting the nails is a fungal infection or onychomycosis that causes the nail to appear as a whitish or yellowish shade which might fall apart and become deformed. The actual level of deformation of the toenail and just what color it becomes can be based upon the precise bug that infects the nail. Regretably for the foot fungi really like darkness and dampness and that is the actual ecosystem you have with the feet when it is in a shoe. This hostile environment definitely makes the treatments difficult. Often, the treatment will involve regular debridement of the nail plate as well as the use of a topical solution in an attempt to hinder the development of the fungi. Other available options include things like laser treatments or oral agents. Treatment might last several months and a lot do have a tendency to happen again.


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