The Barefoot Science in shoe product is advertised being a way to strengthen the feet to cure many foot problems. A dome made insole is used and it is claimed that this strengthens the feet. After some time the dome is taken away and swapped out with a bigger dome in order to provide a increased stimulation to help strengthen the feet as well as increase sensory input. On the Barefoot Science internet sites and promotional material for these insoles plenty of statements that get made for what exactly this insole method can achieve, but almost no research, let alone published evidence is available to to back up the promises which will get made.

Mockingly, there’s little that is barefoot with them and the “science” to support the insole is simply not there regardless of the claims by those who sell the insole. They are shoe inserts which are worn within the shoe, which means you can not use them barefoot!. They however support the front portion of the arch in the foot, so function similar to simple arch supports or foot orthotics. Many of the claims which sellers of this product claim concerning the science usually are not backed up by the science and they are just made up to sound like science. So are the statements that you notice published on the websites as well as promotional materials about them as well as what they say concerning other insoles such as foot orthotics. No scientific study which stacks up to scrutiny has been published within a peer reviewed publication that demonstrates they works as the advocates state.

There are plenty of testimonials as well as anecdotes in regards to the Barefoot Science system, however that should be a red flag as if they claim there exists research backing them when there is not and then depend on the anecdotes along with customer testimonials, then that has all the features of pseudoscience. Testimonials along with anecdotes are certainly not proof and never science. That will not suggest that they do not work and can not benefit individuals, it simply suggests that the assertions getting made for these are not necessarily backed up in the manner that the promotors reclaim they are supported by the current evidence. People who make the anecdotes and testimonials may possibly have improved for many reasons, including placebo, the natural progress with the condition and the insert only provides some useful support the place it’s needed and the outcome has almost nothing related to the alleged foot strengthening technique. That is why if you need to make health claims with regards to a product or service you need well controlled research to eliminate these reasons behind improvements. A number of other businesses have discovered themselves on the wrong side of the legislation when producing such assertions when it comes to fines coming from regulating government bodies along with class action suits should the assertions being made really don’t eventuate to the purchaser.

There is possibly no harm in using these inserts if you would like, just do not fall for all of the promoting buzz as well as pseudoscience and also non-science assertions that get made for these. Use these for what they’re meant for. They’re not fix it for all foot problems. They may be only another way for some kind of foot orthotic aid in the shoe that can in a number of conditions be of help.


Bestseller No. 1
Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System - 6-Step Active 3/4 Length - X-Large - Mens 12-13.5
  • Designed For Shoes That Do Not Have A Removable Insole
  • Comes complete with one pair of insoles
Bestseller No. 3
Barefoot Science 4 Step Multi Purpose Insoles, 3/4 Length, Size Medium
  • Barefoot Science works differently than traditional insoles and orthotics that merely brace or cushion the foot.
  • The patented design safely stimulates and strengthens the foot's supporting muscle groups, as you gradually advance through the enclosed progressive insert levels to naturally restore optimal foot health and function.

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