This will seem a bit weird and the description isn’t connected with how many toes you’ve got, thus it isn’t some kind of congenital disability in the foot. It’s a indicator that health care professionals commonly notice and talk about when viewing the foot or examining an individual walking. When an individual is standing straight while you evaluate them from behind and look on the front of the feet, you may usually observe the little toe and possibly the next one on the outside when looking. In some individuals you will see a few more than just the lateral few toes viewed from behind – this is what is referred to as the too many. That describes just how many toes are seen on the lateral side when viewing a person standing while viewed from behind. Several toes are common, most of the toes is rather abnormal and several of the toes could be regarded as fairly abnormal. As well as standing, the too many toes sign could also be looked at when individuals are running and walking.

It really is of some debate with regards to if you have many toes getting visible on the outside while seen from the back might be of any clinical importance or not? Some individuals with this particular sign will have a externally rotated gait and in a lot of people this is really common and of no impact. Others with this sign might have a significantly pronated foot so that the front foot abducts significantly to cause this too many toes sign. This kind of concern is often somewhat uncomfortable and debilitating. In such a case you could think about that the too many toes sign is not a problem alone, however is a sign that there will be an actual issue of the pronation. It is usually more a warning sign of the condition rather than a condition on its own.

An issue with using the phrase, ‘too many toes sign’ is that it is nocebic and brings to mind the image in an individuals mind they have some kind of medical disorder when they don’t actually. Using words to explain these kinds of conditions must be selected very carefully so you don’t unnecessarily alarm people. If the problem is required to be managed since it is a manifestation of an underlying problem then attention really should be directed at that. Generally if the excessive pronation is the reason for the sign and there’s a need to deal with this, there are alternate options. Don’t assume all instances of overpronation have to be addressed, but when they will the most prevalent intervention is to use a foot orthotic. These can be custom made for each individual or they might be pre-made style of mass made variety. Good supportive shoes could also be helpful. With respect to the cause, there are a variety of physical exercises which could be helpful such as the short foot exercises and exercises at the hip to improve external rotation with the lower leg. If you believe you or someone you know may have this too many toes sign, then go to a a health professional experienced with this issue to have some help and advice.


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