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February 3, 2023

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Posts tagged "overpronation"

What is ‘too many toes’?

This will seem a bit weird and the description isn’t connected with how many toes you’ve got, thus it isn’t some kind of congenital disability in the foot. It’s a indicator that health care professionals commonly notice and talk about  →
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How should flat foot in children be managed?

Flat foot in children are a debatable subject between health professionals. The debate is based about if it needs to be taken care of or left alone as many of children grow out of flat feet. Flat foot or a  →
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Flat Foot in Runners

You could consider that overpronation is similar to a death sentence for runners if you read through a number of the running internet sites and social media comments. Anyone will think that it may result in all of the overuse  →
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The Overpronation Issue in Runners

Something you find in the running community is numerous common myths and misconceptions relating to exercising, overuse injury and also running shoes. This generates a large amount of poor suggestions getting given by individuals unqualified to provide it as well  →
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